Bono was a special gift born to us on 27th July 2001. Bono was a good, loving and caring little boy (AN ANGEL).

In November of 2004 Bono fell down the stairs from top to bottom. He was taken to the local hospital and, after what seemed like a long wait, he was given a CT scan. Bono was limp and lifeless. Later that evening we were given the devastating news that Bono had a brain tumor at the back of his head and it was a large one.

Bono and I were taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital (United Kingdom). The following day Bono was given an emergency operation as he was very, very poorly. He had an external drain put through his skull to drain fluid that had built up due to the tumor. Bono slept that day and the following day Bono had a nine hour operation to try and get the tumor out. Unfortunately the surgeon could not remove all of the tumor as it had grown so deep into Bono's brain.

Bono was taken to the intensive care unit, where he remained for three days. On the evening after the operation the surgeon spoke to me and Bono's father and told us that he had never seen such a large tumor in a child so young. But we were clinging to hope and willing Bono to pull through, which he did.

Bono had another three operations on his head. He had two shunts fitted and a bore hole to drain blood from on the brain, but yet again Bono pulled through.

Bono was in hospital for six months. He also had two central lines fitted as the first one he had became infected as the doctors could not keep it under control.

Bono was put through eleven months of chemotherapy during which time he also had five weeks of radiotherapy. Bono was unable to walk or eat properly, but this did not stop our son from getting around. Bono taught himself how to shunt along the floor to play or to get where he wanted to go.

In August of 2005 Bono was given a routine MRI scan which came back clear from disease. We were ecstatic - so happy!

But this was all short lived, as in November 2005 Bono was given another MRI scan and this time the cancer had returned with a vengeance. We were devastated once more and we could not believe it could happen to us and to Bono.

After many discussions with the consultant we decided to try another drug called Etoposide, which was supposed to delay the cancer but not cure it. We gave Bono two months' worth of this drug after which he again had another MRI scan which showed the drug had not worked. The cancer had spread so fast it was unbelievable. The end of Bono's fight was near.

Bono was taken really ill on February 9th when he was put on a syringe driver which was to stop Bono fitting and to help with the pain. That was the last day we saw Bono awake.

Myself and Bono's dad nursed Bono for twelve days before he gave up his long hard fight. The cancer took him. Bono died in bed with his beloved dad next to him. Bono was free from pain and free to walk and do whatever he could not do while he had this cancer.

Bono is and always will be our special little boy whose fight and courage will live forever in our hearts and memories. Bono touched so many people's hearts. Bono also showed us that life is what you make it. Bono is an inspiration.