Nicholas was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma on Sept 19, 2003. (just 3 weeks after he became a Big Brother). He complained of headaches, became clumsy, vomited and tilted his head. He was a beautiful child, obedient, reserved and uncomplicated. He was a friendly child who enjoyed a good time with family and friends, but could also play very well in his room by himself. Nick was so brave and rarely complained. He endured 9 surgeries, 34 radiation and 10 chemo treatments along with countless scans and MRI's and other tests. His courage and strength showed all of us of what it means to never give up hope, no matter how hard it seems or how difficult things get. Nick fought... he fought hard, but God had greater plans for him.

Two months after celebrating the completion of his treatments, the Lord decided to call Nick home on Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 5:25pm. He allowed Nick to celebrate his 6th birthday one week earlier, and gave his family 10 days longer at home than was expected by his medical & Hospice team. Oh, that any of us will be so blessed as to leave this world in the gentle way in which he did. At home, peacefully with the family (and dog) who loves him at his side. WE LOVE YOU NICK. WE MISS YOU, BUT MOST OF ALL, WE THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH US THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFE AND LEAVING US WITH EVERLASTING MEMORIES OF HOW LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED, WITH DIGNITY, COURAGE, FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.