Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth Parker was born October 5, 2005. She was a long awaited arrival. She was our 3rd child and our only girl as well as the only granddaughter on her dad’s side. Sarah was a happy, funny and playful little girl. When she was 9 months old, her dad left for a year tour in Iraq. He came home summer of 2007. It was quite a fun and exciting time for all of us. Our future looked so bright. Dad was home, was to be promoted, and everyone was just enjoying being together. Then we started to notice Sarah had some unusual symptoms. We took her to the clinic one day and would not leave until we had answers. Sadly, on October 9, 2007 Sarah was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, anaplastic astrocytoma. Her prognosis was grim and our lives were shattered.

Despite it all, Sarah continued to shine. We followed her lead and tried to let her experience as much life as she could. She lost her hair, was sick, gained weight, lost weight and still had a smile and laugh for us every day. Her sense of humor was always present. She also loved Barney and animals, especially elephants. She enjoyed going out and visiting with family and friends. Sarah was funny, crazy, could have a temper, courageous and was the best daughter we could have. We truly treasured her. Sarah passed away November 13, 2008 surrounded by family. While we have a hole in our hearts and the world seems a little dimmer, we are so proud of her. Sarah taught us much about life and what’s important in it. She is greatly missed.