On June 23, 2004, five-year-old Timmy lost his battle with a brainstem pontine glioma, and he will be remembered by those who knew him as a sweet, loving and appreciative child. He lived in Fairburn, GA, with his parents Pete and Abby and his 8-year-old sister Morgan. Timmy was very active and lived his life with gusto. Maybe some part of him knew that he did not have much time, so he didn't waste a precious moment.

Timmy loved to play outdoors, especially when he could catch lizards and frogs, play ball and wrestle with his Christmas puppy, "Belle the Bloodhound." He especially enjoy going to the dirt track and to NASCAR races to root for his favorite driver, Dale Jr. Driver Jeff Gordon sent Timmy a letter along with four lug nuts off his Dupont car. Timmy also loved country music, and singer Tim McGraw sent him a t-shirt, teddy bear and an autographed picture.

"He was the light of my life," said Timmy's grandfather Pete, whom he called "Pop," "and he would even call me his big brother." Tim loved riding Pop's tractor with him, feeding his chickens and Tom turkey. "Tim would love to spend the night, go swimming and play Sorry, and eat ribs," said his grandmother Elsie. Timmy was blessed with a warm, generous and loving family, church and many friends who rallied around him during his chemo treatments and hospitalization.

In September last year, Timmy had an amazing Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World with his family. It was the most wonderful vacation together doing everything we could possibly imagine. Grandma and Pop drove down for Timmy's 5th birthday party, and even Mickey and Minnie Mouse were there. We loved the pool party and cookout with Shamu the Killer Whale, and also the Christmas party with Santa Claus, presents and even snow! Tim received his Wish Star with his name and birth date for the Wish Fairy to put on the ceiling of the castle, where it still is. What a week of memories we will never forget.

Tim and his sister Morgan enjoyed participating in two Bassmaster sponsored fishing tournaments with the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. They were so proud of their trophies, t-shirts and many fishing goodies.

Timmy went through more than a year of chemotherapy and endured 36 radiation treatments. He was very determined and strong-willed — a fighter to the end. "Timmy lived life wide open," said his father Pete, "I have truly lost my very best buddy."

On August 1, 2004, The Blackjack Riding Chapter sponsored a bike ride in memory of 5-year-old Timmy Cobb. It would be called the First Biker Buddies Ride, and was planned as a celebration for Timmy and his best friend Ryan Whelan. Plans are underway for the Second Annual Biker Buddies Ride next year on Timmy's birthday in September, with proceeds going for brain tumor research and to help other families.

Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Timmy Cobb, even for a brief time, realizes that they were touched by someone who would leave a lasting footprint in their heart.

Submitted by Abby Cobb