Faith Cline Memorial Fund
In May of 2010, Faith Cline, 17, played golf in memory of her friend Evan Carswell on Evan's Team at the J. Smith Lanier & Co. Charity Classic at Chateau Elan.  The following is the story about Faith that her family wrote at that time:

Faith, now 17, was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor in March 2008. Prior to diagnosis she was a typical teenage girl spreading her time between softball, chorus, ROTC, hanging out with her friends, and texting. She began treatment in April 2008 with a clinical trial – chemo everyday before radiation for six weeks – but was unable to complete this due to complications.  Because of tumor growth discovered late in 2009, Faith is once again receiving chemotherapy.

Faith's tumor has caused her to have right side weakness in both her arm and leg.  She also has double vision which prevents her from doing things that other 17-year-olds so, such as driving. In spite of the challenges, Faith is a very strong young lady who has refused to give up on her life as she continues to do things that normal teens do. Although she can longer play softball and has to be in a wheelchair at school, she still goes to school every day she is not at the clinic for treatment, works hard to keep up with her school work, continues to sing in chorus, and remains involved in ROTC.  Faith recently went to prom with her girlfriends, has spoken to many church youth groups about her life, and continues to smile everyday.

Faith has a brain tumor, but she is NOT defined by it.


         Faith and Evan in 2009

Tyler, Brian & Faith - Evan's Team   

    Very sadly, Faith's health declined during the summer following the golf event. She was determined, however, to do all that she could and make a difference in her remaining time.

Faith touched many people at her school, church, and in her community.  And when she expressed her strong desire to graduate high school before she died, her friends at Kennesaw Mountain High School approached the administration who made Faith's wish come true.  Read about and view Faith's inspiring story as she received her diploma on Sunday, August 15th, in a special ceremony just for her that drew over 700 attendees.                 


Since Faith's passing on August 24, 2010, members of her community, school and church have come together to create the Faith Cline Elf Trot and Merry Mile to honor Faith and support the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.  All proceeds will be donated to the Faith Cline Memorial Fund to assist children with brain and spinal cord tumors and their families with many critical needs.