What Is A Tumor Trooper?

  • Tumor Troopers are the countless children and families who valiantly face brain tumor disease head-on every day.
  • A Tumor Trooper is someone who supports the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) by helping in any number of ways – like volunteering in the PBTF office; raising funds to help us fulfill our mission; providing fun events for our kids and families; or donating to the PBTF.
  • A Tumor Trooper is someone who wants to stomp out brain tumors.
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Here are some examples of how YOU can become a Tumor Trooper:



Marlayna C.

What a Tumor Trooper! Marlayna chose to celebrate her 10th birthday by giving rather than receiving. Marlayna asked friends and family to make donations to the PBTF in lieu of birthday gifts this year. Thanks to her kindness, Marlayna gifted PBTF families with over $1,800! Way to go Marlayna. What an example you are for so many.